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At Patios del Orfebre we are always at the disposal of our guests. Write or call us for any questions you have about our hotel. We will answer as soon as possible.

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    Customer service schedule: 10:00h – 20:00h.


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    Patios del Orfebre is in the historic center of Córdoba (+info). One of its greatest charms, are the numerous picturesque streets, which are often very narrow and intricate, that transport us to the tales of the ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ … however, this romantic setting does not always combine as well with the transit of modern vehicles.

    The street on which we are located, narrows quite a lot towards the end, and is part of one of the restricted access areas of the city. Therefore, we recommend to our customers that, since there are areas available for parking less than two minutes walk away from the hotel (parking in nearby streets, public parking Paseo de la Victoria, etc …), that they park their vehicle at one of these options, and walk to the hotel, rather than trying access calle Tejón y Marín by driving.

    If you need to transport very heavy luggage, you can access with the vehicle to the main door of the hotel, but please be aware of the difficulties that circulating with a vehicle in the old town may entail.

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