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Nuestra Historia

Patios del Orfebre is located between the millenary and narrow streets at the heart of Cordoba, 180 m from the Almodóvar gate, once known as the “Gate of the walnut trees” and 450 m from the majestic Mezquita-Catedral de Cordoba (Mosque-Cathedral), this casa-patio dating from the XVI century has opened its doors, and offers an unforgettable experience: stay in a wonderful architectural example, a protected building that is part of the historic center of Cordoba, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and  among one of the largest sites of ​​the entire old continent.

The architectural complex, which we call “Patios del Orfebre”, that means “Courtyards of the Goldsmith”, refers to the wonderful art that drove the city, making its name known even in the remote lands of Australia, thanks to the exquisite pieces created by the hands of such noble craftsmen that were exported around the world. An art that has its roots in the different cultures (Islamic, Jewish and Christian) that coexisted during the long history of our city and that have left a deep imprint on the traditions and idiosyncrasies of the people that populate this unique city. This art once took place between the walls and within the rooms of Patios del Orfebre, in workshops that were dedicated to this skilled trade.

Walls from the Roman and Caliphate eras support the foundations of this beautiful building and are observable and can be visited within the largest of our courtyards, which integrates sections of an archaeological site.

Details of the original house, such as the recovered hydraulic flooring, restored tiles with the original design, reconditioned wooden beams, are integrated into an exquisite modernization of spaces and concepts that will turn your stay into a delight for the senses and an unforgettable experience.

At Patios del Orfebre we have tried to make a recipe full of ingredients of the best quality to achieve the most desired result for your stay with us: ensuring that your time here is as pleasant as possible and you feel as comfortable as being at home. Patios del Orfebre has 22 rooms, all of them unique, offering everything you will need for a high quality, comfortabletranquil and relaxed stay. All rooms are equipped with electronic keyless door lock, satellite television, hair dryer, luggage rack, hangers, and amenities. The rooms have a fully equipped bathroom with rain effect shower, sink, toilet and bidet.

The Jewish quarter of Córdoba allows you to follow a journey full of charm and magic, that uncovers corners that keep intact the medieval memory of the city, and the links to the three cultures. Calle Judíos (Jewish Street), where the synagogue, the house of Sefarad, the souk and Tiberiades square are situated, is the essential nucleus of a visit that perfectly reconstructs the history of the community, in which a character of universal influence was born as Maimonides. Along with the declaration of the “Shinning City” Madinat Al-Zahra, Medina Azahara, as a world heritage, Cordoba is positioned as the only city in the world to possess four heritage declarations by UNESCO (Mezquita-Catedral, Old town of Cordoba, Patios festival and Madinat Al-Zahra).

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